Horse Corral Kit

Horse Corral Kit

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Brand: Gallagher

Type: Accessories/Kits
Product #: A155
Color: N/A
Size: 1
Ideal Uses:  This Horse Corral Kit is perfect for temporary fencing. Whether you are on the go with your animals or even using this kit as a "sacrifice area" or paddock, to keep animals off the wet pasture, you will be happy with this convenient kit!


  • Simple and quick to put up AND take down. 
  • Horse Corral Kit is for a 40' square corral, complete in-a-bag
  • Perfect for pack trips, camping, horse shows or any event requiring a temporary, efficient enclosure. 
  • B-11 Energizer, one of Gallagher's most compact and portable designs. 
  • 10 Gold Foot Treadins, that simply step into the ground. 
  • PortaReel with 165' of 3/8" Ultra White Equi-Braid. 
  • 1/2" galvanized ground rod, 33" long with a 3" handle. 
  • Insulgrip Gate Handle included!

Product Information

  • Brand: Gallagher
  • Type: Kits
  • Product #: A155

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