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Gallagher M1800i Charger - Discontinued

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The Gallagher M1800i is a large, 18-joule charger packed with functions that make your life easier and save you time and money. The iSeries models of charger are compatible with iSeries components that allow for triggering alarms on low voltage, sending SMS alerts to your phone, and even dividing your fence line into zones.

The M1800i allows for iSeries zone control. Zones allow you to see exactly where in your fence line faults have occurred and even turn on and off determined sections (zones) of your electric fencing on demand. (see below for more info on zone control)

  • Stores 18 Joules of energy
  • Powers up to 42 miles of multi-wire permanent fence. Suitable for a property size of 420 acres
  • Green indicator light flashes when energizer is working satisfactorily
  • Red indicator light flashes when energizer has detected a fence fault. Solid red when there is a sudden increase in fence load
  • Features high performance adaptive output control technology automatically adjusts to suit your fence conditions while minimising power consumption.
  • Alarms on output, fence and earth voltage alert when voltage is under pre-set levels
  • Advanced lightning protection
  • Self diagnostic ability allowing you to determine the fault in your system quicker
  • RFI (Radio Frequency Interference) suppressed circuitry
  • High tolerance in-built power supply enables successful 230V operation on the poorest performing rural power outlets
  • Short circuit protection to ensure user safety and product reliability if the outputs are directly shorted together
  • Three high voltage terminals for earth, earth reference and fence terminal connections
  • Power supply requirements: 140 to 270 Volt AC, 20 watts
  • Adaptive control will adjust energy levels to maintain 8.0kv output
  • Comes with separate Energizer Controller (included)
  • 3 year warranty 

Stock Commonly Controlled

      iSeries Controller

      All Gallagher iSeries chargers come with a controller device (fully waterproof) which can be placed strategically in high-traffic areas (even outside) up to 164' from your energizer. The controller shows current performance readings on your fence line including voltage and amperage in numeric digital displays. (Included with every iSeries charger)

      Alarm Functionality

      All Gallagher iSeries chargers are compatible with the iSeries alarm component which allows for integration of various visual or auditory alarm systems (flashing lights, sirens, etc.). Perfect for use in protecting valuable farm equipment. (Sold individually)

      SMS Alert Functionality

      Using the iSeries SMS controller you can bring out even more flexible functionality in your iSeries charger. Receive all performance info straight to you cell phone through SMS text, get text alerts when a fault is picked up on your fence line, and even turn your energizer on and off through texts. (Sold individually)

      Multiple Zone Control & Alerts

      Both the M1800i and the M2800i are compatible with the fence monitors required for zone control. Zone control requires the use of fence monitors placed at locations along your fence line dividing it into "zones" which can be monitored separately. (ex. you would receive alerts that "zone 2" has a fault as opposed to simply "there is a fault in your fence line").

      iSeries Remote & Fault Finder

      The M1800i is compatible with the iSeries remote which allows you remote access to all fence zones' performance levels as well as remote access to turning ON/OFF your entire fence line or just specific zones.

      The iSeries remote also has all the functionality of your basic digital volt meter/fault finder.

      More On The iSeries

      The iSeries Zone Control

      Manuals & Other Information

      M1800i/M2800i Product Manual
        Energizer Chart: See how the Gallagher M1800i Charger - Discontinued compares to other Energizers

        Performance Characteristics

        • Miles Single-Wire Fence: 124.1 mi
        • Miles Mult-Wire Fence: 42 mi
        • Approx. Acreage: 420 acres
        • Stored Energy: 18 joules
        • Output Energy: 13.5 joules
        • Voltage Rating: 7 kV

        Product Information

        • Brand: Gallagher
        • Type:
        • Product #: G304504
        • Color: black/orange
        • Ideal Uses: Large Permanent pastures or paddocks with access to outlet power

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