Gallagher MB1000i Charger

Gallagher MB1000i Charger

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Powers up to 45km of multiwire fence.

Compatible with Remote Control and Fault Finder and Fence Monitor High Solar 1*130W Panel

  • New power adapter input – Easy to use, weather tight power adapter input. Simply insert the supplied mains or battery lead set (shown below) into the back of the energizer.
  • Reliable, adaptive i Series technology – The proven Gallagher i Series technology provides complete confidence in continued fence performance irrespective of changes in power supply, temperatures and fence conditions.
  • Easily monitor and control fence performance - Energizer controller allows fence information to be seen in a convenient location up to 150 ft away from the energizer. 9 ft cable provided. Extend up to 150 ft with additional RJ12 cable or up to 600 ft with special low resistance cable.
  • Fully Compatible with i Series accessories – Complete peace of mind, fully compatible with i Series remote, fence monitor and energizer controller.
  • Power your fence, your way – Mains, battery or solar. Energizer comes complete with a mains and battery lead set for all power source options. To ensure you have the correct solar panel and battery configuration, contact us via phone or email

* battery and solar panel sold separately

Warranty 3 Years


Product Information

  • Brand: Gallagher
  • Type: Fence Chargers
  • Product #: SG34812

Advantages of Electric Horse Fencing:

  • Affordable: Electric fence is 50% less expensive to build and maintain than barbed wire.
  • Easily constructed
  • Low maintenance
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Durable: due to low physical contact
  • Easily modified or expanded
  • Keeps animals in and predators out

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