Gallagher M1100 Charger

Gallagher M1100 Charger

This energizer powers up to 110 miles / 650 acres of clean fence. Reliable and powerful, this energizer is best suited for large pastures.  Made to last with tough outer casing and built in lightning diverter with the latest internal circuitry.  The added power reserve in this unit has bilt-in technology that increases voltage output when fence conditions change.

Clean Fence: 110 miles / 650 acres​

Typical Fence: 36 miles​ / 280 acres

11 Stored Joules

8.5 Output Joules

UL Approved​​​

  • ​​Features a quicks​​​can output Voltage bar graph: shows output voltage of the energizer at a glance and a digital output reading.
  • Adaptive output control technology automatically adjusts to suit you fence conditions
  • Split bolt terminals for easy installation and good connection
  • Easy to service, modular design
  • Ideally suited for large pasture​

3-Year Warranty! 

Product Information

  • Brand: Gallagher
  • Type: Fence Chargers
  • Product #: G324504

Advantages of Electric Horse Fencing:

  • Affordable: Electric fence is 50% less expensive to build and maintain than barbed wire.
  • Easily constructed
  • Low maintenance
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Durable: due to low physical contact
  • Easily modified or expanded
  • Keeps animals in and predators out

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