Gallagher i Series

Gallagher i Series Products are designed to create an intelligent, automated system to keep your fence running at its best.

Take a look at the video below for an introduction to the i Series system:

All i Series products include FREE SHIPPING!

It all starts with the energizer. When you choose an i Series energizer, it includes the i Series energizer controller. This handy little display will give you a real-time look at how much current and voltage your energizer has in each of the zones set up.

Don't have access to mains power to plug it in? No problem. The MB1800i and MB2800i provide flexible power options, allowing you to run them off solar, battery, or mains power at any time. The 18 joule MB1800i is rated for up to 200 miles or 1,200 acres of ideal fence, and the 28 joule MB2800i is rated for 250 miles or 1,500 acres.

If you're looking for a little more juice than that, the 58 joule M5800i can handle up to 430 miles or 2,700 acres, and the mighty 100 joule M10000i can power a staggering 1,000 miles or 6,000 acres.

Once you have chosen your energizer, now it's time to build out your system.

Choose from a selection of dependable, useful products to add on to your i Series system to create the ideal fence power setup.

i Series Fence Monitor - Each zone you wish to set up requires a fence monitor. This easy to use device will allow you to set up separate zones for each field, pasture, or section of your fence so one fault doesn't spell disaster.

i Series Remote - Bring your i Series controller with you to any point along your fence line. With the remote you can check the voltage and amperage of every zone within your system and even remotely turn off/on individual zones. This makes finding and fixing faults easier than ever!

i Series Alarm - Perfect for use in protecting valuable farm equipment and alerting you to open gates, cut lines, and other faults. Enables a section of fence to be monitored, triggering an alarm siren and/or strobe light when the circuit is broken (e.g when an electric gate is opened).

i Series Gateway (coming soon) - Control and monitor your fence from anywhere in the world. All you need is the dashboard app and an internet connection to be connected to your fence.

i Series energizers and components come with a 3 year warranty, protecting you and your investment from any defects or faults.