One of the most important aspects of choosing a fence is choosing the type of conduct you will use. Products range from temporary to permanent use, generally with temporary items being more economical and easier to install.

Poly/Turbo Wire and Braid: Poly wire is the most economical conduct and is ideal for short stretches of fence (about 600 ft or less). Turbo wire is more conductive and is better suited for longer stretches of fence. Braids are thicker than wire, and are therefore stronger and easier for the animals to see and avoid.

Tape: Also comes in Poly variants for shorter distances, or Turbo for longer. Comes in 1/2" or 1 1/2" thick. Tape is stronger than wire and is easier for the animals to see but may not work with all connectors and insulators.

High Tensile Wire: Suited for more permanent applications as it's harder to install than wire or braid but will last much longer. Comes in half mile rolls that are best used with a payout spinner, or smaller aluminum rolls.

Coated Wire (Equifence): Ideal for horses, coated wire is the same as high tensile wire but has a conductive coating that protects the animals from being cut by the wire, and also protects the wire from corrosion. Must be used with wide jaw insulators to ensure it will fit. It is the longest lasting type of conduct.