Insulators are designed for wood posts, metal t-posts, rod posts (of any material), or fiberglass posts.
Offset insulators come off the post typically 5-12" to help extend the wire out further. This is a great option for anyone looking to add electricity to an existing fence to keep animals off it.
Standard insulators come with a 3 year warranty while Heavy Duty ones come with a 10 year warranty.
Pinlock insulators use a pin that fits into the insulator to keep the wire attached. The pin can be removed and replaced to remove or insert the wire into the insulator. Claw insulators use two opposing claws that do not allow the wire to come out horizontally, meaning tension must be taken off the wire for it to be removed.Wide jaw insulatorshave a larger opening that allows for thicker wires, such as the Equibraid or coated wire Equifence, to fit inside of them.