All About Posts

Posts are often the first step in creating an electric fence. Whether you're a seasoned user of electric fences or a complete beginner, you can quickly choose the right post for your needs below.

Plastic - Economical, lightweight option great for temporary or portable fences, or use the insulated line post for more permanent fencing.
Treadin Double Foot Post (39" height) - Temporary/portable fencing, easily place lines on built in hooks
HD Treadin Single Foot Post (42" height) - Heavy duty temporary fencing, easily place lines on built in hooks
Insulated Line Post (47" or 55.5" height) - Semi-permanent to permanent fencing, use clips to secure line to the post 
Metal - For a little sturdier option, you may choose to use metal posts. These posts have a plastic pigtail or ring at the top to easily create a single strand fence. If you need more than one strand, you will need rod post insulators.
Standard Pigtail (42" height) - Temporary/portable fencing, place line on top pigtail or rod post insulators for multi-strand
Heavy Duty Pigtail (42" height) - Heavy duty temporary fence, place line on pigtail or rod insulators for multi-strand
Ring Top Post (42" height) - Classic design for pasture cross section, place line on top ring 
Fiberglass - Great for temporary to permanent fences, and does not require insulators. 
3/8" Posts (42" height) - Compact. Suitable for portable fences or home/garden setups. Use post clips to attach wire to post at any intervals.
7/8" Posts (48, 60, 66, or 72" height) - Permanent posts pre-drilled every 2" to attach wire using easy-to-use wire clips. Very strong, and is the tallest option available--great for deer and other animals that may jump over shorter fences.