Why iSeries

Reliable, Adaptive Energizer Performance

High performance livestock control, ensuring consistent fence performance even in extreme temperatures and with an unreliable power supply.

Easily Monitor and Control Fence Performance

Mount the Energizer Controller in a convenient location up to 164' from the energizer for easy access to fence performance information. 

*9.8' cable provided. Extend up to 50m with additional RJ12 cable or up to 200m with special low resistance cable.

Quickly & Easily Locate & Repair Faults

Use the Energizer Remote and Fault Finder to find a fault on the fence quickly and easily, within a monitored fence zone and turn the Energizer off remotely to allow safe and convenient fence repair.

Immediate Fence Information at your Fingertips

With the SMS Energizer Controller receive fence performance information and notification of fence fault via SMS text message. You can also turn your Energizer on/off from your mobile.

Secure your Farm Assets

Add an Alarm System for peace of mind where valuable farm equipment is located. Ideal to use as a security alarm where valuable farm equipment is located. Alarm System is coming soon.