Gallagher Alleyway Load Bars - Gallagher Fence

Gallagher Alleyway Load Bars

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These Alleyway load bars have a weighing capacity of 4,400 lbs and are 23" in length.

  • ​Tough rugged steel load bars
  • Bottom feet mounting holes extend beyond top covers for ease of bolting down
  • Slotted top mounting holes fit most sizes of platforms
  • 19.6' long polyurethane loadbar cables covered with tough stainless steel protector springs
  • Fitted with high quality, water proof connectors
  • Fully water proof loadbar design
  • No rubber mounts to delaminate
  • Portable, easy to move around and set up
  • Can weigh any size or type of animal up to weight capacity
Warranty 2 year
Width or Length 600mm/ 24"
Product Weight 19.7kg/ 43lbs
Weighing Capacity 2000kg/ 4400lbs

Product Information

  • Brand: Gallagher
  • Type: Weighing/EID
  • Product #: G06000

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