Type: Electric Fence
Product #: G91204
Color: White/Orange
Size: 820 ft.
Ideal Uses: Polymer Horse Fencing, and electrical horse fencing. 
Features and Benefits:
  • Best for permanent fencing
  • Ideal for horse fencing
  • UV-resistant for long life
  • Conductive has a core of 12.5 Gauge, medium-tensile galvanized wire with a unique, electrically conductive polymer allowing use as an electric fence wire
  •  Resistance:  560 ohms/mile

    Warranty: 10 year manufacturer warranty


"After the initial short, sharp shock the first time a horse touches it, the fence then becomes a psychological barrier; they don’t go near it again.”


Great Value

"When you add up farrier, feed, worming, dentist and vet bills, not to mention the cost of rugs and tack, it’s logical to save on fencing costs with a fence that’s effective, inexpensive, safe and enhances your farm’s aesthetics.

Product Information

  • Brand: Gallagher
  • Type: Wire/Tape/Braid
  • Product #: G91204

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