Insulated Line Post 1 1/2" Tape Clip

Insulated Line Post 1 1/2" Tape Clip

Our new 1 1/2 Tape Clip is designed specifically for Equine Electric Tape to be securely attached to a Gallagher Insulated Line Post.
  • Designed specifically for 1 1/2" equine electric tape fencing and the Gallagher Insulated Line Post
  • The simple post and wire clipping mechanisms are significantly faster than installing traditional post insulators
  • The clips have positive locking and quick release to enable re-tensioning of tape
  • Soft rubber pads lock tape in place to prevent tape movement and fraying
  • Made from UV High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) for strength and long life
  • Together with the Insulated Line post, the new Tape Clip creates a flexible fence system reducing the risk of animal injury
Warranty 10 Years
Height 820"
Width or Length 320"
Depth 480"
Product Weight 0.026lbs
Packaged Weight 0.52lbs


Product Information

  • Brand: Gallagher
  • Type: Posts
  • Product #: G74703

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