Ring Top Offset

Ring Top Offset

This offset comes in both a 6-3/4"  and 15-3/4" length options and is designed specifically for wood posts.  These offsets protect traditional fences from livestock damage, utilizing Gallagher's one of a kind, patented Ring Top head technology to provide a convenient, robust and animal safe solution.

Sold as a 5 pack.

  • Patented ring top head has no protrusions to minimize livestock's risk of injury
  • Prevent wear through and cracking with reinforced nylon head that contains no metal
  • Simple to install as these offsets easily drive into wood posts where they can be secured with a staple
  • UV protected nylon head with corrosion resistant shaft
  • Produced in white for increased visibility
  • 5 Year warranty

Product Information

  • Brand: Gallagher
  • Type:
  • Product #: G75112

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