XL Leadout Cable - Gallagher Fence

High Conductive Lead Out Cable

​Brand: Gallagher 
Type: Electric Fencing/Poly Wire
Product #: G62793
Color: N/A
Size: 1
Ideal Uses: Long distances underground or through buildings
Features and Benefits:
  • 12.5 gauge aluminum coated wire.
  • Resistance of 19 Ohms/mi.
  • Ideal for long distances underground, through buildings, or where there are numerous gateways in the leadout system.
  • Three times the conductivity of 12.5 gauge galvanized wire.
  • Made for direct burial.

Warranty: 10 year manufacturer warranty

Product Information

  • Brand: Gallagher
  • Type: Electric Fencing
  • Product #: G62793

Advantages of Electric Horse Fencing:

  • Affordable: Electric fence is 50% less expensive to build and maintain than barbed wire.
  • Easily constructed
  • Low maintenance
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Durable: due to low physical contact
  • Easily modified or expanded
  • Keeps animals in and predators out

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